One Punch Man Drinking Game

One Punch Man is your typical super hero “save Japan from the kaiju” anime with one obvious twist… He is so strong, he can defeat any foe with one punch! This show is hilarious and is definitely for the fans, 100%! It also has a great drinking game to go along with its shenanigans!

“One-Punch Man (Japanese: ワンパンマン Hepburn: Wanpanman?) is an ongoing Japanese webcomic created by an author using the pseudonym ONE, which began publication in 2009. The series quickly went viral, surpassing 7.9 million hits in June 2012. The name is a play on the long-running children’s character Anpanman, as panchi (パンチ?, punch) is not usually shortened to pan (パン?).
A digital manga remake of the series, illustrated by Yusuke Murata, began publication on Shueisha’s Young Jump Web Comics website in 2012. Viz Media has licensed the remake for English serialization in its Weekly Shonen Jump digital magazine. In March 2015, it was announced that an anime adaptation had been green-lit and began airing in October 2015.” (Source: Wiki)

One Punch Man Drinking Game: Standard Guidelines Apply!

Normal Mode

Each time you see a fiery explosion, take a drink.
Whenever One Punch Man lives up to his name and ends a fight with One Punch, take a drink!
When One Punch Man saves someone’s life, take a drink.
When One Punch Man’s baldness is talked about, take a drink.
When One Punch Man or Genos is sent flying by an enemy, take a drink.
When a monster transforms, take a drink.
When Genos calls One Punch Man “Sensei”, take a drink.
When an enemy shows fear of One Punch Man, take a drink.



Finish your drink during his story when One Punch Man reveals the secret of his power!
If you recognize an obvious monster spoof of another anime, call it out and take a drink!



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