Detroit Metal City Drinking Game

I. LOVE. THIS. SHOW. Detroit Metal City is comedic irony at its very best. What do you get when you cross a musically talented young pop-singer, a rude and crude record label president, and a death metal fan frenzy a la Metalocalypse? You get this fucking show! Do yourself a favor and check it out! It also makes a very fast paced anime drinking game!

Soichi Negishi is a shy young musician who dreams of a career in pop. Dreams don’t pay the bills, so he’s ended up as the lead singer and guitarist of a blackened death metal band, “Detroit Metal City.” In stage costume he is Johannes Krauser II, rumored to be a terrorist demon from hell, to have killed and raped his parents, to wield his giant death penis with abandon, and other menacing tales being said about him after each public performance. The songs of DMC often encourage the audience to engage in immoral and illegal behavior, such as rape or murder, or tell of Krauser’s exploits with similar actions, in a parody of the genre.(Source: Wiki)

Detroit Metal City Drinking Game: Standard Guidelines Apply!

Normal Mode

When someone mentions Kahimi Kari, take a drink
When the record label president curses in English, take a drink
When the record label president talks about being wet…regardless if she is or not, take a drink
When Soichi sings “his kind of music”, take a drink
Take 2 drinks when Soichi does anything mean to Yuri
When Soichi gets into Character (it doesn’t count if he starts the episode that way), take a drink
When anyone breaks the law, take a drink
When someone drinks onscreen, you drink! 2 drinks if it’s hard liquor


Chug the entire time there is “Teeth Guitar”
When Soichi says how much he hates DMC or its music, take a drink