Anime Drinking Games | Rules & Regulations

THESE RULES APPLY TO ALL GAMES (This is very serious stuff…)

Let’s set some guidelines before we get started to maintain maximum levels of fun, safety, and general awesomeness:


1) This website is for entertainment purposes only. Do not break the law. Please drink responsibly. Don’t be an idiot and drive home after playing any of these games. Make arrangements and drink LOTS OF WATER!

2) For everything in the game, take 1 drink unless otherwise noted. Some game rules note 2 drinks, a chug, or finishing your drink. Unless you see anything special, it’s 1 drink.

3) I strongly suggest that all games be done with either a bottled beverage. Typically if it’s a bottled single serving, the alcohol content level is probably acceptable for use in drinking games. If you mix your own drinks, don’t be like me and pour half rum half coke. It’s bad choice, and a dick move if you’re making a drink for someone else! If you’re going to mix, either follow our drink recipes, or if nothing else I suggest a MAXIMUM 2:1 mixer/alcohol ratio if you plan on staying in the game for any amount of time. We’ve done 1:1…it’s rough!

4) DO NOT DO SHOTS! YOU WILL DIE…probably! A note from Derek, do not be a bro and drink Jagermeister and energy Drinks for these. You will die…definitely.

5) When in doubt, take a break and drink water. Don’t feel bad if you have to do this. Some games are harder than others, and being able to stick it out through the entire session is your goal!

6) For each game there is a normal mode and a hard mode. If you have never seen the show before, I would recommend starting with the normal mode. Hard mode kicks it up a notch: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

7) Have FUN spending time with your friends, having some drinks, and watching great shows!


Stay Safe!